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Studio 316 Tattoo & body Piercing

mainlogo.jpgThe House of Piercings ::The Best Piercing prices (Jewelry included) ::Professionals-the only studio with "Osha Region II/Occupational Safety and Health Standards for general industry safety & health" current 2010 credentials ::The biggest selection on body jewelry, see it for your self ::Free Jewelry gift of your choice with every new piercing ::Rated #1 by GO NYC magazine for "best price, best quality jewelry", favorite business since 2005 and for meeting BBPS by Osha About the Steel we use at "Studio 316 Body Art"! Stainless Steels are categorized into four general classes, based on composition: 200 series steel, 300 series, 400 series and 500 series. The most corrosion resistant are 300 series steels, hence their popularity for medical implants and body jewelry. However, not all 300 series steels are suitable for invasive body piercing applications, only Surgical Stainless Steels (316L/LVM) is used for body pins, bone plates, total joint prosthetics, bone nails, staples, intercranial drainage valves, bone fixation screws, among many other applications. Many department stores, beautiful salons, tattoo shops, etc sell body jewelry but these businesses have no clue at all of what they are selling. So, when you buy body jewelry make sure you buy it from a reputable business. Who we are....Body modification in today's society has become more than a fad; it is a way of life. Piercing, branding, scarification, and tattooing are wonderful ways to adorn and enhance our natural features. Who we are not....We have never sold haircuts, bongs-glass pipes, incense, psychic readings, records, etc. Piercing and Tattooing are what we have focused on since our beginning. We strive to provide a professional healthy attitude executed with experience. You can expect to find one of the largest selection of Body jewelry : surgical steel 316LVM, 14Kt gold, medproflex medical pro flexible autoclavable plastic, ptfe medical grade, silicon medical grade, titanium certified grade 23, dental acrylic, as well as organic plugs. Thinking about getting that piercing? Our friendly staff and expansive jewelry selection await you. Looking for something new? We have one of the largest body jewelry selections, come in and see for youself!